Renewable Energy: Join the largest growing industry on earth and become an EcoStar Dealer today!

Solar power is the energy of the future. It is clean, environmentally friendly and works everywhere there is sunlight. It can be used for commercial, residential and aerospace projects.

Solar panel power systems use Photovoltaics (PV) panels which convert sunlight to direct current (DC) electricity using semiconductors. You can find solar panels, like EcoStar Electric, that are manufactured from cutting edge materials and are virtually indestructible no matter how delicate they appear to the naked eye.

Residential solar power is easy to use and can save you substantial money on your energy bills. Many homeowners save more then they expect, even more then they are guaranteed. It is easy to convert a home to use solar energy for electricity, heating, and all residential energy needs. A homeowner can install a solar power kit to use solar energy to power their own home. The power created by residential PV panels can be used by standard 120/240 VAC home appliances.

Besides significantly lower energy bills many users find that solar power installations are very affordable. By finding a direct distributor, you can save up to 60% then from other retailers. A solar house also helps create energy independence. As energy process rise up to 15% every year, your solar panel will continue to convert free solar photovoltaic power to real power for you at no extra cost. And, many homeowners benefit from solar panel installations through tax breaks.

If you are excited by solar power and the many benefits of creating energy from the sun then you can be a solar power distributer. Bring this exciting technology to your area and introduce more people to energy independance and lower energy bills. Not only can you do more for the environment you can directly benefit from being an independent business owner. You can set your own hours, create your own environment and make money. A small investment to buy a solar power dealership can net you large profits. Some solar power installations create profits up to 70%. You can earn six figures from a single solar power system sale. In addition, you may be eligible for future green government business incentives.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of solar power for homeowners and commercial needs or start your own solar power dealership then you can learn more by checking our industry leaders like EcoStar Solar Energy.
EcoStar Solar Electric - Solar Electric made Easy. They Ship Worldwide. Toll Free 1-800-519-7693. Unlimited Income Opportunity - Dealer Information - Select zones still available.

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Affordable Renewable Energy for Everyone

Have you ever wanted to power your home or office with renewable energy, but thought it was too expensive? Or you didn't want to deal with installing and maintaining equipment?

Now there is a way that everyone can use solar, wind, and other renewable energies, at a fraction of the cost. Even renters can power their homes with renewable energy.

Renewable energy certificates (aka green tags, green energy certificates, or tradable renewable certificates) make it easy and inexpensive for anyone to reduce or eliminate the environmental impact of their electricity use.

Each certificate represents the delivery of a specific amount of renewable power (usually one megawatt-hour) into a regional or national energy "grid." This replaces the non-renewable fossil fuels that would have otherwise been used with non-polluting energy from solar, wind, biomass, and other renewable sources.

While the renewable energy you pay for may not flow through the wires in your own home, the resulting overall benefit to the environment is the same as it would be if you installed solar panels or wind turbines directly on your own property.

The certificates are purchased in addition to paying your regular energy bill. So it doesn't cost less than standard electricity, but it’s a small premium to pay to keep toxic pollutants produced by the burning of fossil fuels out of the environment. And it supports the market for renewable energy as a whole, which ultimately will bring the price down for renewable energy and make it more generally available.

These certificates are available on the internet, but not widely known. Green energy certificates are currently being marketed to big businesses that use a lot of energy and can make a big impact with their purchase, but anyone can buy them.

I recently purchased renewable energy certificates to offset the electricty I use in my own home and home office. Though my purchase is only 15 MWh per year for my 1500 square foot house, every little bit helps establish the market for renewable energy. It prevents the emissions of 20,700 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, equivalent to planting 1,500 trees or removing 2 cars from the road for one year. I pay only $40 a month (in addition to my regular energy bill) for solar, and other renewables cost even less.

For more information on renewable energy certificates, including a list of websites that offer themScience Articles, visit

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR The Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership has recognized consumer advocate Debra Lynn Dadd for her purchase of 100% solar renewable energy certificates for her Florida home office. She is the author of Home Safe Home (Tarcher/Penguin), publishes free email newsletters, and has posted links to 1000s of green products at

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Micro Hydro Systems: Harness The Power Of A Nearby Stream For Your Home's Electrical Needs

If there is a running stream or brook on your property or nearby, you may be able to harness its power and use it to replace most of your electric needs. This can be an efficient and reliable way to heat your house and power everything in it that is electric. In fact, you may even be able to make your electric meter spin backwards and get a check from the electric company, as will be outlined later. All in all, micro hydro is a renewable or "green" form of energy that will reduce your carbon footprint and your electric and home heating bills at the same time. Some people worry about whether their small stream can possibly generate enough electricity to make a difference. Actually, it takes very little water movement, or a very small waterfall to generate significant power. In fact, a flow of even three gallons per minute, or a waterfall two to three feet high, may be enough to make it worthwhile. Another concern, particularly among those who have a lot of land, is how far from the micro hydro set up the resulting energy can be delivered.
The answer is that the house can be a mile or even more away. Also, sometimes people will pay a small price, or perhaps even share the resulting electricity, with a neighbor if the neighbor allows the system to be located on their property because there is a better potential site there. One of the environmental advantages that micro hydro shares with many other renewables is that there is little or no environmental impact. The water runs through the system with very little interruption in flow (in fact, the less the water slows down, the more optimal your system).

Therefore, there is very little impact on the surrounding ecology. That said, in many states you may need a permit, or to have someone come out and inspect your system, to ensure that the environment is not being affected. There is no way to estimate cost, or predict the time it will take for the system to pay for itself, given that each waterway is different. The costs could be as low as $1-2,000 or as high as $20,000, depending on your electricity requirements, waterway, and location. Maintenance is relatively inexpensive, with the need to occasionally change hydro turbines as the most common need. One of the exciting things about micro hydro, and many other forms of renewable energy, is the potential to go "on grid". Basically what this means is that your electricity produced by hydro will be linked in with the electric supply you get from your electric company. When you produce more electricity than you need, many power companies will buy back the extra. Your meter will actually spin backwards! This type of set-up is also useful if you are concerned about meeting all of your home's needs through the micro hydro set up. It allows you to supplement your hydro power with electricity from the conventional power grid.

There are some disadvantages to micro hydro, many of which you've probably already considered. First, the size and flow rate of your stream or brook may restrict you from expanding your system if your electric needs increase. In addition, any seasonal fluctuation in flow, as is often seen in mountain areas for example, may mean decreased power during some times (for example, you may have less water flow in the summer, at the very time you want to plug in three air conditioners). Micro hydro power is reliable, dependable, and effective. The electric supply that is generated is pure and high quality, and maintenance costs are minimal. Most systems pay for themselves in a relatively short period of time, and you can also feel good about reducing your electric and perhaps oil or gas use. As with any construction, please consult with someone local to you with knowledge of your area. Only a qualified and experienced person can give you an accurate estimate of your costs and savings, plus any possible surprises you might hit along the way.

About The Author: For more information about micro hydro power, please see For specific information about hydro turbines, please see

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Are Alternative Energy Companies the New Wave in industry?

There are strong feelings among the public that alternative energy companies will dominate the future of energy creation. Right now, it appears that the oil companies are reaping all the profits.

The world has been noticing alternative energy companies over the last few years. Why, you may ask.The answer is "for many reasons."

Reason #1: Petroleum products as an energy source create pollution.

Reason #2: Alternative energy companies strive to create pollution free energy.

Reason #3: People fear the danger and instability of nuclear power.

Reason #4: Alternative energy companies strive to use the forces of nature to create energy.

Reason #5: Fossil fuels are a non-renewable source of energy.

Reason #6: Since alternative energy companies use nature to create energy, it is an endlessly renewable source.

Reason #7: The profits from conventional power is cyclicle; they may surge when supplies are short and fall when supplies are great.

Reason #8: Alternative energy companies continue to grow as new technologies are discovered.

There are strong feelings among the public that alternative energy companies will dominate the future of energy creation. Right now, it appears that the oil companies are reaping all the profits.

But the world sees that technological growth is the key to the future. Companies such as Microsoft have set the standard that advances only come through change.

Outdated, inefficient methods must be discarded and new technologies introduced. This is how technology will affect the future. And alternative energy companies will control that technology.

The public is willing to pay for cutting edge discoveries. As the costs of traditional energy continues to sky-rocket, alternative energy companies will be the ones to benefit as they supply alternate technologies to fossil fuel.

Alternative energy companies offer a chance for the world to not only survive, but to grow. For, if things remain the same, we will not be able to continue growing, or, we can grow but burn up all our energy. As we grow using fossil fuels, we are poisoning the earth.

Alternative energy companies can offer a solution that does not require a choice between survival and growth. As we look more and more to nature, we can find better methods to create energy.

Alternative energy companies will use the mechanism of capitalism to create energy through alternate sources.

If each person used nature to create energy, it would take years for the concept to grow. But alternative energy companies rally resources of many to make it happen faster. They are uniting these resources into one whole. They are not only interested in discovering alternative fuel sources, but also in promoting their use. The discovery of these alternates is meaningless if they are not used.

Alternative energy companies inform people of the benefits of alternative energy and try to convince them to use it. If they are able to make a profit in the meantime, all the better. Correct?

Alternative energy companies are striving to have the world recognize that continued use of traditional energy is wrong. They will do this by showing us the "alternate". They supply the solution to the "don't grow or grow and burnout" dilemma.

As in a storm, if you move away from the center, conditions worsen; the closer you stay focused in the center, the safer you will be.

About the Author
MJ Batta writes on various alternative energy related topics and hosts an alternative energy websites at">Alternative Energy

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