Solar Power is a Popular American Choice

Author: Drew Hartanov

WOW! We are almost all in agreement about at least one form of renewable energy; ninety per cent of Americans think that builders should be offering the option of solar power in new homes.

For those unsure of the term: solar power is the term used to describe the resulting energy from the conversion of sunlight into electricity. In order to do this, the sunlight must first be 'captured'.

Because there is always (so far!) sunlight, this is called a renewable source of energy. This means once we have perfected the technique to turn the sunshine into electric power, we can always use that technique as there is always sunlight and it is always free.

Solar energy in a primitive form has been used for centuries by various civilizations. Nowadays with technology at such a sophisticated level, solar power can be used to provide heating, lighting and electricity.

Water heating is easy to install in new homes as the panels for it are usually placed right in the roof. Believe it or not, America first had solar water heaters as early as 1890! In many climates the sun can provide up to 75% of domestic water usage, so it makes sense to build these units into new homes.

The more people that request the option of solar power in their homes, the more mainstream it will become. A builder can often just install the pre-wire kit during construction, so that it is easy for the owner to add on the panels later, if desired.

Solar power also saves the home owner from paying large electricity bills, as the domestic electric power will only kick in when the solar power has been used up. Increasing energy costs make solar power look attractive - apart from the fact that it contributes to a healthier planet.

Due to the steadily gaining popularity of solar power, the price of panels is predicted to be halving within the next five years. Many states offer generous subsidies and rebates to assist the American home owner in making the right choices about energy and there are also federal incentives to look into.

Designs are becoming more and more attractive as the market expands. Whereas once solar power gave a home the look of having something stuck on your roof, nowadays designs can actually enhance the look of a home.

Israel leads the world for total percentage of domestic use, with 90% of its homes using solar power. China, with its large population deploys 80 % of the market share of solar hot water systems. In USA solar power is most popularly used for heating swimming pools.

Internationally, the use of solar power in swimming pools and low temperature applications such as domestic hot water and space heaters, is the most common usage, this is because the power is most naturally converted into heating.

In fact, solar power has been used to power a car that ran for over 3,000 kilometers (in Australia) and a boat that crossed the Atlantic (in UK). Solar energy has also been used to cool houses and to cook with. However, by far the most acceptable method of using it at the moment is solar water heating.

There are many American companies listed on the Internet if you wish to find out how your home would convert to solar power.

About the Author:

Drew's in the Top 2% of Prudential Agents nationwide, and one of the Top 10 agents in the Orange County real estate area. For results you can count on in the San Clemente real estate market, and to view homes for sale in Talega, visit Drew and the rest of his team at

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Solar Home - Conserving Pv Power

Author: Anna Hart

Solar homes. Many people talk about them, although few in the U.S. do more than talk. They are said to reduce utility bills. Some say a solar home cuts utility bills drastically. Some are able to sell excess power back to the power grid. Savings are not automatic, however. Steps must be taken to make the solar home efficient; to conserve the electricity that is produced.

Ways to conserve solar photovoltaic power in the home must be found. The home owner must actively seek out ways to make those photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof as efficient as possible. Photovoltaic power is free, but it cannot be generated in unlimited quantities. It is important to take measures to use it to best advantage.

Of all the ways to conserve solar photovoltaic power in the home, the most important is probably replacement of power-gobbling electric appliances. Home lighting can also be changed to conserve solar photovoltaic power (PV power). Finally, power usage can be reduced by making every person in the solar home conscious of conservation methods.

12 Ways to Conserve Solar Photovoltaic Power in the Home

1. Shop for energy-efficient appliances and home electronics for your solar home. Most products in this category carry EnergyGuide labels. These labels give an estimate of the products' energy consumption or energy efficiency, and show the ratings of similar appliance models. In the U.S., appliances and home electronics that meet strict Department of Energy (DOE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) energy efficiency criteria carry Energy Star labels.

2. Replace an electric water heater in a solar home with an energy-efficient propane or natural gas heater. Connect the new water heater to a solar water heater system. The sun will preheat the water, and the new unit will have less work. Wrap the water heater with thermal wrap to retain heat.

3. Replace the solar home's electric furnace with an energy-efficient propane or natural gas unit. Install a solar panel air heater to reduce the work load of the new furnace. If you are building a new solar home, consider passive ways to heat the floors and air, further reducing the workload.

4. If the solar home is in a hot, dry climate, use an evaporative cooling unit in place of an electric air conditioner.

5. Check weather stripping around all windows and doors. Seal cracks and openings. Stopping air leakage in and out can improve indoor climate control in every season.

6. Insulate the solar home well. Insulation will keep heat or cool air from escaping. It will also keep outdoor cold or heat from entering readily.

7. Use heavy, insulted drapes and window shades/blinds in the solar home to keep out hot or cold air, making cooling and heating units work more efficiently.

8. A serious solar home owner can save even further by using a solar oven for cooking whenever possible. Especially good in hot climates or summer months, a solar oven will cook food with solar energy, and avoid heating the home. Money is thus saved in two ways.

9. Control of computer usage is another of the many ways to conserve solar photovoltaic power in the home. Monitors should be turned off whenever the computer will not be in use for 20 minutes or more. The CPU and monitor both should be turned off when the unit will not be used for 2 hours or more. Power down or sleep modes should be set.

10. Replace light bulbs with Energy Star qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs. If every U.S. home replaced just one light bulb with one of these bulbs, we would save more than $600 million in annual energy costs. To the solar home owner, such savings are vital.

11. Maximize your use of daylight, turning on lights only when necessary. Use windows to advantage, and install skylights where possible.

12. Landscape your property to block the heat of summer sunlight, permit winter sunlight. Deciduous trees near the solar home will shade windows in the summer, and let warming sunlight through in winter months.

Ways to conserve solar photovoltaic power in the home are not limited to these twelve, but if these alone are used, the increase in efficiency will be tremendous.

About the Author:© 2007, Anna Hart. Anna Hart invites you to read more of her articles about solar homes at Anna has posted articles on that site about various applications of solar technology. If you would like information on designing and constructing a solar home air heater, you won't want to miss Anna's article on the subject.

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Tower of Power: Tallest Man-Made Structure on Earth

If all goes as scheduled, Eviromission's Solar tower of power is going to rank as the tallest manmade structure in the world, measuring a whopping 1000 meters in height! Click here to get exclusive preview video directly from the creators at Environmission.

Enviromission's collossal Solar Tower of Power is a proposed 1000-meter tall tower, and, if it passes through Enviromission's final feasibility phase, it will be the largest manmade structure on Earth.
You can view the promotional video he re. The proposed solar structure is awe inspiring, and Enviromission hopes that this huge Austrailian solar facility, capable of powering 200,000 homes, will attract interest in Renewable energy

in the coming decades.
When completed, the Solar Tower of Power will truly be a technological marvel

About the Author:David Saharkhiz is a Solar Panel Enthusiastand helps potential investors find solar panel info.

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Fomoco of Australia Extends Support to Hydrogen Research

Author: Lauren Woods

The auto industry has seen the increase in the demand for eco-friendly vehicles as the global community becomes more aware of the threats of global warming. To address the demand, car manufacturers have been investing in the development of eco-friendly vehicles.

One of the more promising technologies is the use of hydrogen as fuel. Hydrogen is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere and when burned, this alternative fuel produces no greenhouse gases. That is why car manufacturers like the Ford Motor Company have been making partnerships to do research on the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Recently, FoMoCo of Australia partnered with the University of Melbourne to delve in further into the hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The university also recently received a $1.2 million grant form the Victorian State Government. With that grant and with Ford supplying engines to the university, the practical use of hydrogen as vehicle fuel will be studied even better. Ford Australia President Tom Gorman said that “Ford Australia is proud to extend our relationship with the University of Melbourne through this important project.” The study will not only focus on the practical use of hydrogen as fuel for vehicles but also on the production of hydrogen.

While hydrogen is abundant, it combines with other elements. So, therefore, for it to be used as fuel, it has to be extracted first. Another problem in the use of hydrogen as fuel is the construction of fuel cells. As of today, fuel cells are fragile and can only withstand low vibrations which means that the current technology is impractical for off-road vehicles since the bumps encountered during off-road driving can severely damage the whole fuel cell assembly.

The participation of Ford on the hydrogen research is not surprising since the company is one of the leading car manufacturers which have already been investing on alternative fuel development. Gorman has this to say about Ford’s dedication to the development of alternative fuel vehicles: “Globally, Ford Motor Company is a leader in the development of alternative fuel vehicles and technologies. The Escape Hybrid, our range of E85-capable flexi-fuel vehicles, and the recent showcasing of the world's first drivable fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle with plug-in capability are all examples of our broader global efforts.”

Gorman added that: “The University of Melbourne project is the first to research hydrogen engine alternatives using an Australian sourced engine, and will be an important complement to these initiatives.” The University of Melbourne will be aiming to produce a hydrogen fueled six-cylinder engine from Ford. The technology being developed at the university is called the Hydrogen Assisted Jet Ignition or HAJI for short. This technology when used in a car can provide a performance similar to that of a car equipped with a
Neuspeed cold air intake system.

About the Author:

Given her background on cars as an auto insurance director, Lauren Woods finds the world of cars to be constantly changing.

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Convert Your Car To Burn Water! - Do It Yourself HHO Gas Car Kit Conversion Browns Gas Water Hybrid

Author: Pete Marks

HHO gas is the latest innovation to increase gas mileage you may have seen it in the news. When you make an HHO fuel cell for you car or truck you will increase power and improve emissions. Your car will be a water hybrid of sorts by using water. An HHO Generator creates HHO gas and is not exactly zero point energy but you can expect to see and increase in gas mileage of 20 - 50%.

HHO gas car kits sell online for hundreds or even thousands of dollars and they are worth every penny! Just think how much fuel savings you would have if per vehicle and if you had a fleet of vehicles the savings could be substantial! If you have a vehicle and you would like to make your own HHO or browns gas kit for your car or truck there is a lot of information available online.

How is HHO gas utilized in a gas or diesel engine. This technology can be used both for gasoline and diesel engines providing to help increase mileage. When you convert your car to burn on water you are converting water to a gas that your engine can use. HHO gas is then inserted before your intake manifolds airflow using your engines vacuum. This gas is then mixed with the gasoline providing better gas mileage.

What is amazing is the process is so simple to convert water to gas. The parts to build this homemade hydrogen generator or hydrogen on demand system are easy to procure and most can be found around the home or shop for under $100 per vehicle or closer to $60 if you price shop online! Just think a hydrogen on demand system that costs you less than two tanks of gasoline when you fill up at the gas pump! What is nice is it requires very little modification to your vehicle and can be removed within minutes without leaving a trace.

If you have seen HHO gas in use on the news than it is no surprise that this technology actually exists. It is making a comeback due to the rising costs of gasoline. If you have been watching this news this same technology has been used also for generating HHO gas for high temperature welding. So HHO gas has more uses other than being a gas supplement to increase mileage.

There are many forums that focus on experimental HHO gas fuel cells or hydrogen cells also using a device called an aqua pulser that can even make the water fuel cell even more efficient. There are even plans and sources for creating a device that varies the frequency of the current introduced into the fuel cell to help the experimenter generate the most HHO gas.

HHO or browns gas technology is an supplemental alternative fuel source that can help you save gas, reduce emissions, increase horsepower while providing a cleaner and quieter engine. Some are even using this technology on their motorcycles, mopeds, motor scooters, even riding lawnmowers and tractors.

About the Author:
To discover more tips and information on how to increase mileage and make your own HHO fuel cell please visit >>> Increase Gas Mileage Improvement DIY

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HHO Gas Car Hybrids Hydrogen On Demand Fuel Cells - Can We Reduce Our Dependence On Foreign Oil?

Author: Pete Marks

HHO gas cars are making the news and one has to wonder if this type of technology can reduce our dependence on foreign oil. HHO gas car kits are available online and are claiming an increase in gas mileage up to 100%. When you do a little more research it appears that 15 - 40% seems more typical.

You could always purchase a hybrid car but these cars are not cheap costing thousands of dollars.

With oil consumption increasing globally and through 2009 it is expected that consumption in the U.S. should increase about 0.8 percent as younger drivers come on board. As third word countries oil consumption increases it will put a further burden on current supplies. The good news is that current supplies will continue to output more barrels per day and add to the current supply so overall this effect will be that supplies will not continue to get any tighter. It is expected that current oil and gas prices will be somewhat stable through 2009. Even with gasoline prices remaining about the same it still put s burden on many drivers who have a limited budget. This will leave many drivers looking for alternative ways to increase gas mileage or cut back on driving and investigate other methods of improving gas mileage such as HHO gas car kits.

With current government figures showing that about 60% of our crude is imported even a minimal increase in gas mileage of 15% would be enough to tip the scales and reduce foreign oil imports. Couple HHO technology with other hybrid car technologies and it would be very possible to seriously reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It would also have an impact on global warming due to the reductions in emissions.

With gas prices increasing every time you fill up many people are looking for alternatives to save fuel. HHO gas car kits are becoming more popular as an alternative energy source. Many call an HHO cell a hydrogen fuel cell or hydrogen on demand system. HHO gas is converted from water, a catalyst, and electrical current. Water for gas is often the claim. This would be great to take an existing technology to convert your current car to a water burning vehicle.

Water as gas has been known to help keep an engine clean less carbon buildups, better emissions including an increase in horsepower and less trips to the gas pump. Keep in mind though that it is only being use as a supplement that is introduced into the intake manifold and burned along with gasoline or diesel. In many cases HHO gas cars are still considered experimental.

A typical HHO gas hydrogen on demand fuel cell may do well on a small four cylinder engine. As the size of the engine increases in liters it is not uncommon to see kits or experimenters use more cells. I have seen kits for 8 cylinder five liter engines with 4 to 6 HHO fuels cells. In all it also depends on the efficiency of the hydrogen cell on how many may be used.

There are many forums online that focus on the use of HHO gas hybrids and the use of homemade fuel cells. These fuels cells have been installed on cars, truck, motorcycles even lawnmowers. Most HHO or browns gas forums focus on creating more gas from a HHO fuel cell. With as much interest and the buzz online concerning hydrogen on demand systems it is no wonder that homemade HHO gas generators have become popular with do it yourself hobbyists and experimenters. Home made HHO gas car kits can often be manufactured for under a $100 and installed in less than an hour and removed in minutes. These conversions do not require complex modifications.

About the Author:
Enjoying the Internet and latest technologies please visit >>> Increase Gas Mileage Improvement DIY.

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Hydrogen Fuel Gains Momentum

Author: Lauren Woods

The auto industry has been forced to take drastic steps to combat the recent spikes in the price of petroleum products. Different frontiers in the alternative fuel field have been put under scrutiny hoping that these fuels will one day eliminate the world’s dependence on petroleum products. Biodiesel and electricity are some of the ways viewed as clean substitutes for gasoline and diesel as fuel and power sources.

Another alternative fuel under development is hydrogen. The use of hydrogen is seen as the future of zero emission vehicles since this element when used as fuel produces only water instead of the harmful gas that are emitted by burned petroleum products.

Recently, the use of hydrogen as fuel gained momentum as Linde Gas announced that they will be the sole provider of hydrogen fuel for the National Hydrogen Association’s (NHA) conference being held in San Antonio, Texas. The company is part of the Linde Group and is the only company with the technology to provide hydrogen fuel to any hydrogen fueled vehicle.

The company has the technology to produce and provide hydrogen in liquid or gaseous form for fuel-cell vehicles. Among the auto makers that Linde Gas will be supplying include BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, General Motors, Toyota, and Volkswagen. These automakers are known for their current research and developmental studies in the use of hydrogen as fuel for their future vehicles.

Joachim Wolf, the Executive Director for Hydrogen Solutions of the Linde Group, has this to say about their technology: “Fueling and driving hydrogen-powered vehicles just got easier and more energy efficient, thanks to technology developed by Linde. As the theme of this year’s NHA conference is ‘Hydrogen: Here and Now,’ it is only appropriate for Linde to demonstrate our unique capability of fuelling all vehicles at this important event.”

As of today, the company has already equipped more than sixty hydrogen refueling stations all over the world according to Wolf. He also maintained that the company is expected to meet the future demands for hydrogen as fuel.

The efficiency of hydrogen as fuel has already been tested on the BMW Hydrogen 7 Series. The said concept vehicle have been tested to travel significantly more miles before refueling compared to other prototypes using hydrogen as fuel. At the conference, spokespersons from the Linde Group will talk about the safety of hydrogen when used as fuel which is one of the main concerns of the public given the fact that hydrogen is highly flammable in nature.

Another issue to be addressed at the conference is the material that will be used in storing the fuel. With more and more car makers putting in effort to produce a hydrogen-powered zero emission vehicles like General Motors, it will only be a matter of time before fuel efficient vehicles equipped with Chevy cold air intake to increase fuel efficiency are replaced by zero emission vehicles burning hydrogen as fuel.

About the Author:
Given her background on cars as an auto insurance director, Lauren Woods finds the world of cars to be constantly changing.

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Working With The Power Of Wind

Wind power is growing in popularity as an alternative to fossil fuel and one of the best of the renewable energy sources. The use of wind power requires wind turbines. Wind turbine generators do little to harm the environment and are far preferable in this regard to fossil fuel. The only disadvantage is that they cannot be used everywhere. In order to effectively use turbines to generate wind power you would need an average wind speed of at least 13 miles per hour. Obviously, that is not found everywhere.

Palm Springs California is ideal for wind turbines that generate power and as you pass through there along highway 10 you will see these wind turbines in various sizes. Called a wind farm, This San Bernadino Mountain area has over 4000 windmills in its San Gorgonio Mountain Pass. These turbines provide enough wind power to provide electricity to all of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley area as a whole. Most of the current wind power generation in the U.S. resides in California.

The largest of the wind power windmills is 150 feet in height with blades that stretch halfway across a football field. There are compartments at the windmills top that house its generators, its hub and its gearbox. These weigh at least 30,000 and as much as 45,000 pounds. At this size the turbine for wind power may cost more than 300,000 but will provide 300 kilowatts each hour. This amount of wind power is enough to keep one typical household in electrical power for an entire month.

The American Wind Energy Association AWEA is a U.S. – wide non-profit organization promoting wind power as a clean electrical source for consumers the world over. AWEA represents developers of wind power projects, those who are in the business of supplying wind power equipment, wind power service providers, manufacturers of wind power parts, utilities that provide wind power for electrical power, scientists researching green energy resources that include the use of wind power and others involved in any way in the wind power industry. Hundreds of advocates of wind power are also members of AWEA.

The American Wind Energy Association provides the latest information on the operation of current or potential wind power projects, the ongoing development of new wind power projects, companies who work in the burgeoning industry, the development of new wind energy technology, and government legislation and policies that pertain to the use, production and funding of wind power and other renewable energies.

AWEA acts as a clearing house for the wind power industry, and as such communicates the pertinent statistics, facts and news. From AWEA consumers and others can find out the latest legislative decisions and efforts, including the best information on grants and loans to aid in the implementation of residential, commercial and governmental wind power projects.

AWEA publishes and disseminates the only weekly wind power newsletter that exists anywhere. It also hosts an annual wind power conference, with presentations on the latest technological developments and trends as well as access to businesses offering help in its implementation.

About the Author: James Copper is a writer for

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Save now! - Green Energy Revolution: Energy Saving Devices

World today is experiencing energy revolution. Environmental issues are catching up and with the increased emphasis placed on preserving the environment we all need to play our roles in saving energy. By saving energy, we can definitely take a positive step in fighting the climate change and in preserving non-renewable sources of energy. Let us look at some devices and measures that can help us conserve energy and replace non renewable sources with renewable sources of energy.

Many companies are now providing customer-focused energy equipments like Energy savers, Utility Instruments, Level Controllers, Control Panels and Process Control Equipments etc. Various products that are now placed in the shelves of the store and that help in energy revolution and conservation are:

• Integrated Intelligent Home System:
This provides you with home security, control, automation and communication related features. One can control and monitor their home and office security along with controlling the home appliances and lighting from any telephone, keypad, handheld remote control system, computer or the internet. The products have outstanding remote communication features which can allow you to communicate with visitors when they are still at office doors, you can send them your messages and can also hear their messages. In case there is alarm notification, you can listen to different sounds and the activity present in the surroundings.

Light and Air -conditioner Energy Saver:
These devices are normally very easy to install and help to save energy directly. They can adjust the temperature by automatically realizing the self-motion adjustment. They do not connect to any circuitry in the AC. They have stable capacities and do not get affected by fluctuations in external temperature. Trouble from these energy saver devices do not harm or affect the functioning of your equipment in any way. The devices are shock proof and help you reduce your power requirement by minimum 20%.

Green Energy Products
Today, you would find an array of Green products in the market. Green products and appliances include energy saving appliances and devices for your office and home, windows/doors utilizing solar energy and household products built out of eco-friendly materials. Fluorescent light bulbs are another light saving devices utilizing minimum amount of electricity per watt. All these energy saver products positively influence the environment and reduce the energy and electricity costs. They also reduce the emission of pollutants in the long-term.

Other products like energy saving remote control made out of plastic are also available for saving energy in your day to day use.

Benefits of using Energy saving & Intelligent Products:

• Uses 75% to 80% less electricity.
• Cost less and work too well
• Reduce dependence on coal and petroleum
• Help to address concerns of global warming
• Reduce the gasoline and electricity bills
• Reduce the green house gas emission levels

Overall, reduced energy usage means that the need to go for building new transmission lines, infrastructure and other related devices can be delayed and prolonged. Hence, one can defer the environmental concerns and issues, if not have complete removal. All the energy saving programs and devices will reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions made by coal utilizing power plants. Emissions up to an average of around 2.1 billion pounds per year can be saved for around 20 years

So, when we are aware of these things, why not head on the way to conserving energy!

About the Author: Carol Oon writes articles on ai home automation. Other information written by Carol Oon related to ai automation control, ai integrated intelligent control and ai intelligent control can be found on the web.

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Upscale Goes Green: Homeowners Focus Increasingly on Sustainable Energy, Renewable Building Materials

by: Aldene Fredenburg

A quiet revolution is going on in the real estate sector. Many successful professionals are putting considerable money into building their own dream homes, and many of those professionals are choosing to build according to green principles.

Perhaps the first decision these new homeowners face is how to heat and cool their homes. Before even considering what sort of heating and cooling system they will choose, they need to decide on a design and materials for the exterior structure. Alternative building methods including rammed earth, straw bale, and flying concrete construction feature thick walls, often over a foot thick, which conserve heat in the winter and keep the home cool in the summer. Some homeowners are even opting for subterranean dwellings, using the natural insulating quality of the earth to lessen their need for additional heating. Even when opting for conventional wood structures, homeowners are choosing the latest insulation materials, which offer optimal heat conservation with little to no outgassing of toxic fumes.

Energy-conserving heating systems, some of which create radiant heat from hot water pumped through pipes beneath the floors, save on energy; passive solar construction - homes with south-facing exposure and large windows - allows the sun to warm the home. Solar panels provide electricity for lights and electrical appliances, and gray water systems recycle used water for additional use in the home. Some homeowners in colder climates opt for wood- or wood-pellet-burning furnaces rather than the conventional oil furnace, installing modern furnaces designed to minimize emissions.

Green-building homeowners and more and more developers opt for natural and sometimes manmade materials created from renewable resources, materials which do not expose residents to health risks. Vinyl, which is infamous for outgassing toxic fumes, is rejected in favor of safer materials; hardwood flooring, much of it harvested from old-growth forests, is replaced with materials like bamboo, and cork, two renewable materials providing two very different, attractive looks in flooring.

Those not in the position to design and build their own home still have the option of "greening" an existing home, using a wealth of safe, nontoxic natural materials. Conventional plywood, which is manufactured using urea formaldehyde, can be replaced with a number of new, safer materials, including "Plyboo," created from bamboo. Kiln-fired clay tiles, wood from sustainable forests, natural, safe interior and exterior paints, and a host of other materials help create a clean, healthy home environment.

Building and renovating green currently costs more than using conventional materials; some green builders estimate the difference at about 15 percent. However, recently wood prices have soared, and increasing transportation costs due to the rising cost of gasoline and diesel has impacted the price of building materials, so the difference in cost between conventional and green building may well even out. As it stands now, increasing numbers of prospective homeowners are willing to pay a premium for a home made of attractive, sustainable, and healthy building materials.

About The Author
Aldene Fredenburg is a freelance writer living in southwestern New Hampshire and frequently contributes to Tips and Topics. She has published numerous articles in local and regional publications on a wide range of topics, including business, education, the arts, and local events. Her feature articles include an interview with independent documentary filmmaker Ken Burns and a feature on prisoners at the New Hampshire State Prison in Concord. She may be reached at

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2008 The Funding of Alternative and Green Energy Innovations

By Lance Winslow

The cost of using fossil fuels to make energy for our nation is getting to be an economic burden on our middle class and country. Using Oil for fuel in our cars is causing significant problems with monetary outflows. Burning coal is polluting the air and that is a challenge to our health and environment. Luckily there is some good news on the way.
Clean Coal technologies are coming forward and this will prevent pollution in our coal-fired power plants. Also high fuel costs are helping us as well. How does that help us you ask? Well, Alternative Energy capitalization is getting to be pretty viable with gasoline on the coasts approaching $4.00 per gallon isn't it?
In fact, I see that we have some Venture Capitalists, and Investment Banking Firms, putting their money where their mouth is, along with some pretty decent initiatives for Government Funding, some of which are from the Bush Administration.
It seems that once Carbon Nano-Tube manufacturing becomes viable, environmentally safe and creates economies of scale to lower costs, we will see Hydrogren Cell technologies for transportation kick off. Why, because the compressed hydrogren leaks from tanks too easily, but carbon nano-tubes can prevent this challenge.
With the high cost of fuel it makes other alternative energies much more viable, it makes hybrid car costs look pretty good on a Return on Investment graph as opposed to the huge operational costs associated with $3.00 per gallon or higher gasoline. All this is ushering in a new age of
technology and alternative energy and that can only be good for America.
"Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; Lance is a guest writer for Our Spokane Magazine in Spokane, Washington

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The Power that can be Harvested From Sun And Wind

By James Copper
The term green energy refers to the generation of power, usually electrical power, through renewable resources - in other words, using energy sources that dont run out because weve used some of them. Green energy contrasts with power provided by fossil fuel, the emissions of which create toxic hydrocarbons that make us and our earth sick. Some green energy sources are sun, wind and water.
Green energy produced by the sun is called solar energy, generally captured through solar panels. There are two types of these solar panels. Each uses its own technology to create this green solar energy. Solar water heater collectors are green energy panels that absorb the suns energy and transfer it to water to heat it Solar or photovoltaic electric panels transform the radiation from the sun directly into electrical energy. For the best efficiency in solar green energy homeowners or contractors should mount the panels on a roof that faces south and at a 30 degree angle from the horizontal, and not near any shade or shadow caused by surrounding buildings, trees or chimneys.
Solar energy systems for water hearing are the most popular green energy in use in the United Kingdom. Connected to a homes hot water system, the solar panels provide more than half of each UK households hot water for a year. The two choices in solar collectors to heat water are evacuated tubes or flat plates.
Wind has been a source of green energy for several years. The primary early use of this green energy is to pump water and mill grain. Recently improvements in the technology of wind turbines have enabled the use of harnessed wind for the generation of electricity. In high wind areas such as Palm Springs CA, for example, youll see hundreds of wind turbines turning continually on the hills along the major thoroughfares. The electricity these generate then get exported to a grid for local use or for energizing a standalone application.
Wind as green energy has enormous potential both offshore and onshore for farming. It is one of the safest and cleanest of any of the renewable energy methods. The largest green energy source is the UKs use of wind energy. There youll find small green energy battery charging by wind at the lower end of the wind energy spectrum and huge wind farms that produce vast amounts of electricity at the higher end. While wind is currently producing less than one percent of the worlds energy green or otherwise, it has the potential for providing more than 10 percent. The expectation is that this will happen within the next twenty years, especially due to its highly competitive cost. Green energy from wind is very simple to create and maintain, and still leaves the surrounding land available for farming or development.
Of course, as with any green energy, neither solar or wind energy produce emissions or pollutants during their operation. About the only negative for either is the fact that some folks object to the look of the wind turbines, claiming it has a negative visual impact. Others disagree.

James Copper is a writer for where you find out about plumber training

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